In this program I learned about the characteristics of the adult learner, Blooms Taxonomy, various learning theories, questioning techniques, and the importance of media in education. I learned how to create a DACUM Chart, complete a lesson plan, create performance objectives, and a course profile. I conducted a discussion forum and built my own blog. I learned, in a meaningful way, that learning is messy and that teachers are everybody everywhere. I learned the importance of reflective writing and critical thinking.
But as a future Nursing Unit Assistant Instructor one of the most interesting things I learned is the importance of not only how but also why to create a Course Outline. In our competitive world it is extremely important for educational institutions to provide current information about their programs, especially in regards to information which may leads to growth in student enrolment. In the past I never considered that providing the public with such information could be part of the instructors’ job. However, now that I have a better understanding of the structure and funding of educational institutions, it could help me to be responsible in a different way for the course or program I am about to teach.