Here is my comment on the case study presented in the Additional Resources section concerning a program evaluation issue. This is my first time to work on such a topic; any feedback is welcome.

The extent of this evaluation is the Long Term Care Aide Program because of the unacceptably high, 40%, attrition rate. This poor completion rate jeopardizes further funding of the program unless this issue is resolved.
The constraints of the planning and execution of this evaluation are the fact that attrition of the last intake has happened already, and the new intake of students is scheduled to start in six months.

A feedback questionnaire may be used to collect necessary information from faculty members in regards to student retention. It also could provide them with a platform to voice any concerns. This questionnaire could contain questions as follows:

Which classroom techniques do you find most effective meeting the needs of ESL students?

In addition to the current prerequisites what other skills and attitudes are necessary in  your opinion to assure students’ readiness for this program?

What other delivery format, i.e: evening, weekend, and online courses, could be used to retain learners while maintaining the integrity of this program?

Although the college evaluates all programs by a questionnaire sent to the graduates’ homes, these results only indicate the placement of graduates in appropriate jobs. Therefore a formative questionnaire could be used to evaluate the needs and challenges of the new intake of students. This could only happen in six months when the present program is completed.
However, a questionnaire could also be used to ask current students and alumni of their experience in the program.

What is your reaction to the program?

Are you satisfied in terms of course delivery?

Was the program flexible to cater to you, as an adult learner with unique needs?

While these questions are not designed to measure learning they provide answers in regards to customer satisfaction.This evaluation process will take over six months to complete. As the college already measures post-graduation success this evaluation’s focus will be data collection to improve student satisfaction and retention.
The following stakeholders will be asked to participate: faculty members, students and alumni.
The recommendation to the college to enhance the quality and fairness of this evaluation is to widen the range of stakeholders being asked. This could provide a more extensive range of data. With that, necessary changes could be made to the program which would help with student retention.

The attached picture represents the accreditation process, however it helped me to understand program evaluation.