Although content in my current position I started to self-evaluate approximately three years ago. Interestingly enough that was the time when a permanent position was awarded to me. One of my biggest goal, especially after being a casual nursing unit assistant for a couple of years, was to get a regular schedule at work which could provide a regular schedule at home. The race to achieve this goal was rewarding. Once settled into my new position I shortly recognized that having a permanent position is not as fulfilling professionally as I first thought. While being casual, I had to learn something new almost every week and that was exciting. In my permanent position the quickly learned daily tasks soon became routine duties. I soon had to realize that it was time to make some decisions regarding my professional life. After self-evaluating where I wanted to be, where I was and where the gaps were, a plan was formulated. First, I realized that the skills and knowledge I employed at that time were not enough to take on more responsibilities. So I started to work on and completed all the available courses my employer offered. That experience provided me with a prospective that regardless of how well I know my job there are always new skills and techniques to learn. Orientating new employees awoke the love of teaching in me. I tried to push this feeling to the side for so long after a bad experience of being denied, as a teenager, from a college to become an educator. But now, being armoured with knowledge, skills and attitude, I know that being an instructor is what I have to do. Evidently it is a long term plan but I am working toward filling in the gaps. The point has been reached where now I have the normally required five years of experience in my current position. The fifth course, Professional Practice, in PIDP will be completed this year which is a great accomplishment considering I only started the program in last February.
As an adult learner I understand what needs to be done to better myself professionally. As a self-directed learner I have the motivation to learn and carry out the plan which was carefully planned and initiated.

career management