This is my first blog post in PIDP 3260. It is a great feeling to be half done with the program. Armoured with successful completion of the previous four courses I am more confident and comfortable with the workload of the current course which is Professional Practice.

As a future instructor I have very limited experience in teaching. This fact brings on some anxiety before starting on a new project intended for experienced instructors. However I was looking forward to complete the Teaching Perspective Inventory (TPI) to learn who am I as a Nursing Unit Assistant (NUA) Instructor.

As I was  completing the the TPI I kept a single, specific context and a single group of learners in mind throughout. My group was adult learners who are working toward bettering themselves socially and getting ahead at work. The context was “How to process Physicians’  Orders” which is a major part of the NUA Certificate Program. My scores on the profile sheet range from 19 to 43. All instructors and teachers embody all five views in varying degrees so I am not concerned about the gap, which appears to be large, between the highest and lowest perspectives. Apprenticeship totalled 43 which makes that perspective to be the Dominant one. It also represents strongly held views on my role and function as an instructor. Nurturing totalled 34, Transmission totalled 33. These are my two “Back-Up” perspectives. I scored 19 on the Social Reform perspective which falls below the lower line labeled “Recessive” threshold. Given the lesson objective I was focusing on I am not surprised.

Looking at the Internal Consistency I have noticed that in my Dominant perspective, which is Apprenticeship, and in my “Back-up” perspectives, Nurturing, and the Developmental perspective, on which I only scored 26, the three sub-scores are in alignment. These sub-scores are indicators that there is an existing agreement between what I do (Action), what I want to accomplish (Intention), and why I feel that is important or justified (Beliefs). Internal discrepancies exist in the remainder of the two perspectives, Transmission and Social Reform.

It is clear to me that the Intention bars are the lowest because I have very limited experience as an instructor. However, I am learning all the tools needed and, with experience, within a short period of time my graph will have a look of an instructor of ample skills and knowledge.