I am finally getting to post my thoughts on the fantastic discussion topic of “Gogies”
My teacher-mate asked our group to post a “Bumper sticker” we think best describes an interesting resource we wish to share. We came up with many clever lines, some of them made me chuckle, some of them guided me to deeper thinking. The one I came up with was inspired by Education 3.0: “Teachers are everybody, everywhere.”
Education 3.0 is a relatively recent development, and, in my opinion, exists because of peerogogy and cybergogy.

Cybergogy stems from the need of distance students with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds to generate a meaningful and engaging learning experience. With that latest need a new teaching and learning concept surfaced. The critical element of cybergogy is the aspiration to combine principals of both pedagogy and andragogy.
Youth and adults alike now are able to learn in a collaborative and virtual environment.
Peerogogy is when, in a group, each person plays the role of both learner and instructor. It is when collaboration multiplies and learning is more likely occur. It is essential for all to come with their own expertise, findings, and experiences about a topic. Because people learn most effectively when they interact with each others they are more engaged in the topic and their own learning.
In recent years I have been privileged to be part of collaborative learning in a virtual environment. I consider myself to be a curious person. Therefore I often attend classes in a non-formal setting. But, like many adults, I thought about it for awhile before I went back to school in order to better my social situation. The main reason for my procrastination was my misunderstanding around the cost of education. Once my concern was put to rest I realized that I already had the needed technology. In my eyes PIDP3250, so far, is the course that represents Education 3.0. Our Discussion Forum challenges us and teaches us how to be teachers and students at the same time. By working along side each other we are finding answers to our own questions, and solutions to our problems. During one of our discussions about classroom management the idea of the use of humour came up. Evidently we all had our own opinion and so did our instructor. I am pleased to see, “Humour (turning ha ha into AHA)” now is a new Discussion Forum topic. How exciting it is to see our collaboration manifest into reality.