PIDP 3250 The Self-Directed, Self-Determined Learner

In PIDP 3250 we are exploring the use of Discussion Forums. I have never done anything like this before. One of the interesting things I have learned about the self-directed leaner is that he or she is increasingly takes on more responsibility for various decisions associated with the learning endeavour. So here I am. Participating in discussion forums. The amount of material we are covering is staggering. Our facilitator and all participants are suggesting useful links on the topic. Information is coming from various places which include YouTube videos and websites from all around the world.

The goal of education is to produce self-directed learners. However, the ability to be self- directed is situational. The same person in one subject may be a self-directed learner and yet be a dependent learner in another.

By following the SSDL model I will be able to plan a course to help students move from dependent toward self-directed learners. I can start the course with lectures (Stage 1), move to directed discussions (Stage 2), then to less-structured discussions (Stage #3), and finally to student-directed discussions (Stage 4).

After studying the chart I have learned a great deal about myself as a student and as a teacher. I have already printed off the SSDL model for easy reference and I am planning on using it in my future career.