I have selected this component because, as a student myself, I have been assessing my own knowledge. I need to know where am I right now in my studies. Where am I going? What do I need to do in order to reach my goal? Have I accomplished my goal?

Assessment is all about feedback. Getting feedback and giving feedback. Feedback is an instrumental gateway to teacher effectiveness. One of my favourite assessment strategy is the “Muddiest Point” which I will use in the future. By asking for and receiving feedback I will be able to adjust my lectures to improve students’ understanding.

Media (possible considerations)

According to Bloom’s taxonomy the highest levels of learning are evaluating and creating. In today’s world one of the most effective ways to create is trough media. By looking into the details of this component I would like to learn about how and when to use media in the most effective ways.

As an effective online instructor I would like to focus less on lecturing and content presentation, and more on assisting learners in creating learning and knowledge networks (i.e.: blog). This is because when a student feels the power of creating, their relationship to learning changes in a positive way.

Motivational Techniques

As a Self Directed Learner sometimes I find myself loosing motivation. Retaining motivation is a task itself. By learning about it I should become more motivated.! Adult learners are easily motivated when they see relevance of a topic.
As a future instructor my instructional plans will also be motivational plans as well. Motivation is a very important part of teaching. I believe, if something can be taught, it can be taught in a motivating way.

I am planning on following John Keller’s ARCS Model of Motivational Design in my professional life to enhance learners’ motivation.


The reason I choose the planning component is because I would like explore the variety of lesson plan templates. A highly detailed and clear lesson plan is a key element in the effective delivery of the instruction. The favourable outcome in achieving learning lays in a sufficient lesson plan.

As a future instructor I will better understand, by following a lesson plan, where I and my students are at any particular moment. So, with my guidance, the steps we are taking together are facing to the right direction. My instruction will improve by clearly understanding my and my students’ journey and destination.

Characteristics of Adult Learners

Studying the Characteristics of Adult Learners is very important. As an adult learner, I am constrained by some of the restrictions of adult learning. One of the constraints is that our educational pathways are often fragmented by our other responsibilities. Although this is not a positive characteristic, this fact is definitely of great consequence. Identifying the possible challenges an adult learner has to bear will improve my instruction in a positive way. As an adult instructor I will accept and respect that studying is not always the learner’s highest priority. By addressing these challenges my students and I will be able to better manage their learning process.